With commercial and editorial work published in respected publications on six continents, my true passion lies in creating thought-provoking imagery, where the landscape, usually a backdrop, becomes the star.

I spend most of my time outside, not shooting, but just getting to know the landscape, before I would set up my camera to capture it.




My body of work, past and present, all available as limited edition fine art prints in three different sizes.

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Based in South Africa

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For the first time since its inception, I'll be participating in the @prince_albert_open_studios as a guest artist. I'm really excited about participating in this way, and for the first time in a while.
Inii. Sossusvlei. 2016.
Pining, part of my series, A Feast of Colour, is one of the seven images I am making available as metal prints - popping vibrant colour on a sleek finish. Size 150cm x120cm. Exclusive Limited Edition of 5.
This year I'm making some of my colourful abstract minimalist images available as large format prints on metal. Metal prints are more durable than perspex/acrylic, with colours that pop, making these images come alive, creating places for you to lose yourself in.
One of the most time-consuming jobs of a photographer is sorting through archives. My archives had been my bane for years now.
This image takes me back to a hike I did with my little one, aka The Wildling, some years ago, at Robberg Nature Reserve. This was one of the best experiences ever, and I yearn to go back. It's an incredibly beautiful hike, and even though we were completely unprepared for the intensity of it, we mastered the climbs and took in the vistas.
Throwback to a gem from 2014, shot at a remote location in the Northern Cape near the Namibian border, a place where the thunder clouds decorate the sky above the bare plains on the daily during the Summer months, threatening but rarely fulfilling their promise.
This week is a tough one on really bad roads, long distances, and extreme weather conditions. I haven't shot a single thing this week, purely from being too exhausted to be creative. I did however, come across some really old artwork in my mom's house during a visit today - stuff I painted and drew back when I was 15 or 16. Man, I loved to paint! I picked it up again recently, but one has very little time for these things as an adult!
Since the beginning of the year, I've had the immense privilege to work in the Overberg for periods of time. What an absolutely magical place! We might as well be somewhere in Italy or France, based on the undulating landscape. But the best part is that it changes constantly. Other destinations I revisit change, but in subtler ways. This landscape, however, changes completely by the half-season. The last time we were here, these fields were green, canola fields were bright sunshine yellow, and the inhabitants of the landscape interacted with it in a completely different way.
It's been a while since I had time to process what I've shot.
When I saw this tree I just knew I wanted to capture it in sunrise light. The sun and I had a race, but I won and walked away with a photo I'm quite happy with.
This year's canola season in the Overberg and other areas in the Western Cape happened while we were mostly still locked inside, so I count myself so lucky to have been working during that time, completely surrounded by the vibrant beauty.
Ever since I knew about it, the Wild Coast of South Africa has piqued my interest and I've had the urge to go there and see it and explore it. Then I was lucky to spend some two weeks near Haga-Haga, a tiny beach village overflowing with scenic beauty. It being a work trip there wasn't a lot of time to explore, but almost every location for work was scenic and photogenic anyway. I do feel another trip coming up, purely for landscape photography...
Augrabies Falls National Park is located in the arid Northern Cape of South Africa. It boasts the impressive Augrabies Falls, but also a landscape of textures and colours that are just superb for photography.
A beautiful Cape Girdled Lizard (Cordylus cordylus) peeking out from under a boulder in the Karoo National Park, South Africa. These guys live in large colonies and have social hierarchies.