AfrikaBurn 2017 – PLAY

Warning: This gallery is NSFW.

My second year attending AfrikaBurn in the Tanqua Karoo, South Africa, in pictures.

This year was a strange experience. It was wonderful and introspective and a little sad. I was unfortunately not able to stay the entire week, so I missed out on most of the burns, but I tried to capture as much as I could, qualitative as opposed to quantitative, while I was there. AfrikaBurn is life-changing. It was only my second year, but I’m sure even those people who attended since the very first year would agree that every year there is something new to experience, and learn. I’m not talking about the sights and sounds, but the emotional journeys you find yourself on while there.

I found it interesting how different my experience was this year to last year. I joined a camp this year, the jolly, welcoming bunch of Misfits, as opposed to last year camping solo, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the diverse souls who gathered under one stretched tent.

We were camped right in the loud zone, but camping in my car helped when it felt like I needed sleep. I did experience a lot more of the night life this year than last, and the photos reflect this. Still, it is impossible to capture the entire experience, and my pictures represent but a fraction of the whole.

Special note to photographers: disposable (see-through) shower caps are the best thing ever invented when you’re in the middle of the playa with no shelter and the sky suddenly pours down on you. Carry them everywhere!

Here’s to Burning.

(Please note that the complete set of images I took will be available on the AfrikaBurn gallery at