Antoinette Pienaar for Website & PR

Commission to create visual content for Antoinette and Oom Johannes Willimse’s website, Kruie Kraai Koning.

I love the story of how I was commissioned for this shoot.

It was a hot day in November 2015 when my dog begged me for a run, and eventually giving in, we went on a run through Beaufort West where I was based at that stage. I took a different route than usual, when, turning a corner, I spotted Antoinette’s red pickup approaching and stopping at a local business. I walked up and asked to chat to her. At that moment, the magic started working.

I told her I have wanted to come shoot them on the farm, Theefontein, since I read her first book in 2008. In fact, the dream of photographing her is a huge chunk of what motivated me in my career as a photographer. As it turned out, Antoinette was looking for someone to take pictures for her website which she wanted to update, and so it was settled, we would set a date and I would visit them on the farm.

It was only in April 2016 that we both found time to realise this shoot, and so I packed my things for a week on Theefontein.

These images are some of those shot for her website, Kruie Kraai Koning, during the course of my week-long stay on Theefontein. The images have since been used by various media outlets, including ViaTV and Media24, several newspapers and magazines, and blogs.

A notice to the media: Please note that the copyright and intellectual property rights to these images remain with me, and any use needs to be cleared by me and must be credited appropriately. I can be easily contacted via the CONTACT page on this website.