Cango Caves

Since moving here November 2016, I’ve discovered that Prince Albert is an incredible place to live in. We have world class art galleries, theatre, delectable local produce, scenery, the world-famous Swartberg Pass, “Die Hel” or Gamkaskloof, bursting with history and beauty. Hop over the mountain and you find the Cango Valley, and Oudtshoorn, where the Cango Caves are located.

I was last a small child when I visited the Cango Caves, so this visit was very special. A lot of the infrastructure around the caves have made it more accessible for more people to witness the cavernous beauty in the belly of the mountain. It’s an unreal experience, and your brain never truly catches up with the reality of your location while inside.

It is advised to visit the Cango Caves outside of the school holidays, as it’s a world famous tourist attraction, meaning that even during off-season you’ll find crowds. Photographic opportunities are better with smaller crowds, and so is the overall experience.

Learn more about the Cango Caves here.