Fundraiser portraits for SPCA Karoo – Beaufort West

As part of a project I’ve been working on for a few years, I approached the SPCA committee in Beaufort West from whom I’ve adopted and with whom I have a long-standing relationship, about an idea for a fundraiser project. The idea was to create a calendar using images of people with their pets, so during the agricultural show in Beaufort West I had my mobile studio setup available and people could make a small donation and receive a portrait, while signing up to be selected for the calendar we plan to make.

I was very happy with the outcome and the turnout – we had more people donate and participate than I anticipated, and certainly look forward to the finished project which will hopefully in more funds for them.

As it goes with charity organizations, they are always in need of donations in the form of money or food, toys, bedding, bowls, etc. If you feel like contributing to the extremely important work they do in the Central Karoo area, please contact the SPCA Karoo – Beaufort West here.