Pastoral Scene


Pastoral Scene

Pastoral Scene. 2017.

A pastoral scene from an African farm. The iconic windpump – technology without which life on the arid interior plains of South Africa would never have been possible – facing a simple farm house framed by introduced trees, mostly of the pine family, and finally, like a line under an essay, the dry corn plants in the foreground, indicating the end of a season, the beginning of Winter.

It is during these “transition seasons” as I like to call them, in that liminal space between vigorous Summer activities and the rest and introspection, but also the preparation for surviving the depths of Winter, both physical and inner, that I find the landscape responds like a person sitting for a portrait when they think they’re done; in between shots. And that moment, that moment of catching them unawares, is when I find the essence comes forward, and the true nature of the subject (whether it be a person or a landscape) is revealed.