Prince Albert, South Africa

Prince Albert is a unique little South African village with a vibrant community lazily sprawled out at the foot of the Swartberg Mountains. It is also Home, and I have family roots buried here as deep as the early 1800s. Having this deep connection to such a special spot on the earth has a profound effect on the soul – something I think many visitors and tourists experience to some degree, and which is what draws them back every time. It’s hard to define what exactly makes Prince Albert so attractive. Other towns have beauty, quaintness, ideal location, peace and village life to offer, but among all the jewels, Prince Albert just stands out, and the more you learn about it and the community, the heart and soul of the town, the deeper it crawls into your heart, like the deepening shadows in the folds of the mountain guarding over it at sunset.

The images in this collection are part of an ongoing personal documentation project of the beauty and wonders Prince Albert has to offer, and an example of what I do for fun in between work. They are available as limited edition fine art prints, so contact me for information about pricing and options if you’re interested in purchasing one or more for your wall.