Wildebeest. 2014.

Well, it used to be at least.

What is it with our human fascination with the macabre? The shape of skulls, specifically. There are entire subcultures obsessed with them. I often ponder these things.

Perhaps it’s being faced with our own similar structures, how we are not the gods we imagine ourselves to be, but flesh and bone, and when we’re gone, lying in the sun for long enough, we’ll look very similar. The reality of that. Dark, but could it be?

In any case one needs to have a little darkness to appreciate the beauty of them, of bones and skulls, as art.

What makes this image work, in my opinion? The harmonious colour – again! Colour just gives life to our world, and here the grey-browns of the fence, the “dead” colours of the skull with the colours blue and green in pastel behind it, just works, and the colour combination is just aesthetically pleasing, so that our eyes can rest on the picture and take in the meaning of it.

Do you feel an attraction to skulls and other mildly macabre things?