With commercial and editorial work published in respected publications on six continents, my true passion lies in creating thought-provoking imagery, where the landscape, usually a backdrop, becomes the star.

I spend most of my time outside, not shooting, but just getting to know the landscape, before I would set up my camera to capture it.

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There is no one version of the Karoo. It's vast, varied and if you open yourself to its surprises, you might just be stunned.
The Salpeterkop peak which forms part of an extinct volcano of which the crater is about 900m in diameter, on the Karoo Highlands, towers over the plateau on a foul weather day.
It's been a minute since I had the capacity, in both time and energy, to think creatively. This week has been magical so far, connecting with the most inspirational human I've met in a while, and just, well, creating. It brought me back to that sense of creating for the sake of creating, too, because it really is what ignites my soul.
Guanyin at Xhiange. Taiwan. 2018.
Taoyuan City Confucious Temple.
Big jump eastward, as I was delving through old work and sorting out files.
A selection of images from a little collection I named 'Gariep'.
Quick visit to @princealbertgallery to see their brand new photography room and my work on the wall.
Something different today. Wildlife. They form an integral part of our landscapes, and are most definitely not separate from their habitats.
Vetsak President.
One of my personal favourites from the Sossusvlei Collection. Velvety dunes in pastels, juxtaposed with the harsh relaity of a dead tree in this inhospitable environment.
From the Sossusvlei Collection. Desert pastels.
Street scenes from a town in the Northen Cape South Africa that gets far too little attention photographically: De Aar.
Summer evenings in Muizenberg.
Sliding into your feed with another image, this time from the Karoo Highlands post Winter. No dramatic skies here, just the oh so delicate textures of the poplar trees that manage to cling onto life wherever a rock bed stops water from seeping too deep into the belly of the earth.