Alluvium I. 2021.
Alluvium II. 2021.
Alluvium III. 2021.
Alluvium IV. 2021.

Alluvium: “washed against” (Latin origin)

Abstract: What is the effect of our presence on this planet? Knowing what we know, how different would it have been if we remained in our place in the ecosystem, instead of dominating it?

When we understand the effect we have, we might understand our place in the cycle of life. Can we mitigate the damages?

Alluvium is the sedimentary deposits of clay, silt and gravel, washed up by floodwater in the process of erosion. It typically produces a deep, soft, fertile soil. The fossilisation of this sediment creates alluvial conglomerate – a rock which consists of large chunks of many other rocks.

These images, abstract and conceptual as they are, were taken at the inflow of a reservoir in the semi-desert region of the Karoo – a biome that covers approximately 70% of the surface area of South Africa. A man-made lake, now an oasis in an otherwise inhospitable land, both destructive and life-giving. A balancing act of good and bad.