Hutoushan Park II

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Hutoushan Park II

Hutoushan Park II. 2018.

A magical scene in a tucked-away corner of the Hutoushan Park in Taoyuan City, Taiwan. Can you just imagine a Chinese deity emerging from the little shrine to walk the forest paths? Perhaps a character from Spirited Away floating past just after dusk in the shadows of the forest?

An almost anime quality lives in these contrasts, in the scenes where colour pop and the landscape looks like a picture created for perfection, not at random like usually the case in nature.

In Taiwan, I encountered a lot of red-green contrasts – the red being the sacred religious colour in temples and shrines, while the prevailing green of the lush jungles compliment it. Red-green combinations have the ability to be quite jarring in a picture, and yet, there is rather something quite animated and whimsical about these contrasts.

Perhaps the tree comes alive too, when no one is looking?