Hutoushan Park

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Hutoushan Park

Hutoushan Park. 2018.

Discovering this park was such a pleasant and unexpected surprise! I went to visit the Taoyuan City Confucian Temple, and when I walked through it for a bit, admiring the architecture and complete serenity, I meandered along to discover the park and paths behind it. I don’t read Mandarin, so the signs and indications there might have been to announce the park went by me completely unnoticed.

A lot of solo travel in foreign countries, especially where you don’t speak the local language, is about winging it as you go along.

Already in a receptive state of mind after the profoundness of the temple I just visited, I found the park quite out of this world – however, I hadn’t been nearly prepared for any of the longer hikes it offers. The woods are breathtaking, with insects and birds, including a pair of beautiful goshawks, all around. Overall, I found the lack of wildlife in the places I visited quite a concern – but there wasn’t really a way for me to communicate this to someone to find out if it is normal or not.

The park did have a lot of spiders. Orb spiders, blocking paths that are not that well travelled by visitors to the park, and which I of course chose to walk. This path was one of those isolated tracks leading off the main path, and just such a beautiful portion of the jungle this park mostly consists of.

Do you wonder what lies beyond the picture?

I did too, and found something spectacularly magical when I followed the sound of eerie chanting through the forest, until I came to a remote little temple… But that’s for another time.