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My Neighbour

My Neighbour. 2018.

Walking along the outskirts of Taoyuan, this scene greeted me. I had actually been stalking some parrotbills in the foliage, super excited about identifying them by myself, and about seeing them for the very first time.

It seems, in Taiwan, that city merges into farmland quite abruptly, and it took me a surprisingly short walk to get from cloud-grazing skyscrapers to rice paddies and farmhouses.

I felt like I walked across the railway straight onto a Ghibli Studio set. I was transported to that magical world borne from the mind of one of my favourite creators, Hayao Miyazaki: whimsical colour contrasts juxtaposed with stark industrious elements and signs of dilapidation set in soft diffused light – an apparent constant on the western side of the island.

Captivating contrasts around every bend, and I was in my element.