New Winter


New Winter

New Winter. 2021.

I’ve recently acquired a drone, which I’m excited to use in my landscape photography in future. What an exhilirating edition to my gear – but don’t think you can just go up in the air and get magnificent pictures. It feels like a learning curve all over again.

While everything is gorgeous from this new perspective, it poses its own challenges in terms of composition, framing and light.

During a recent trip up to the top of the Nieuweveld Mountains which form part of the Great Escarpment of South Africa, this scene presented itself near the edge and begged to be photographed, despite an icy gale force wind and other challenges like power lines and attacking crows.

It’s a little dreamy, and just so reminiscent of the early stages of Winter, which can be brutal in these parts. It’s the time of year when Winter had just entered the scene, and a great anticipation is felt by all the folk of the veldt about its expected severity.

Time will tell.