Pastel Evenings


Pastel Evenings

Pastel Evenings. 2017.

It’s late winter, and the sun has set on yet another day on the African plains.

We’re in the Northern Cape of South Africa, very close to the Free State border. The landscape is mostly flat grassland, with some remnants of Karoo shrubs here and there. A flock of Blue Cranes just flew past, to settle near an open dam for the night. Their melodic croaking sound still reverberates through the air.

A strip of cloud, reminiscent of brush strokes in oil paint, hangs midway in the sky, and the peachy glow of the sleepy sun just touches them. Above them, the sky is still powder blue, with wisps of white cloud indicating cold air that will descend during the night and cool down this land beneath our feet to below freezing.

This image holds such vivid memories for me, and I hoped to capture the textures and the colours and with it hopefully some of the other senses can be awakened to join into the experience as well.

Isn’t that what the essence of photography truly is?