Prince Albert


Prince Albert

Prince Albert. 2017.

It was May 2017. An unpleasant storm had taken hold of Prince Albert, a sleepy village at the foot of the Swartberg Mountains where I had been residing. Dusk was approaching, and I was more than comfortable in the warm glow of the Dover wood stove in my kitchen.

It was when I peeked out the kitchen window and saw the light about to happen, that I instantly decided to forego my comfortable warm spot, grab my kit, and drive to the Robert Gordon kopje, where I promptly ran up the hill, and, out of breath, set up the tripod to capture a panorama. The light was changing before my eyes, and as it started to drizzle, the wind gusting with icy punches around my ears, the double rainbow appeared. I must have been the only mad person outside in this storm, and I’m fairly certain I’m the only one who witnessed this spectacular display of light and colour that evening.

I managed to capture a 7-image panorama that evening before the clouds turned indigo, then blue, then grey, as the sun set. As I packed up, my hands were frozen, my face stiff from the cold, my jacket damp from the drizzle, but I couldn’t have been happier.

The image was stitched together in Lightroom. Gear used included my Nikon camera body, Tamron 24-70 full-frame lens, tripod, and a cabled trigger release.

‘Prince Albert’ is available in three sizes of limited edition, numbered, signed and stamped prints. Please enquire about the size you prefer.