Structured. 2014.

My son recently learned about strengthening structures in Technology, and now when I look at bridges, I literally analyse the strengthening measures in place.

Arches are a wonderful shape: both circle and rectangle, fused, in symbiosis to create not only sound civil engineering, but captivating lines.

I’ve gone retro with this one. It fits the image, I feel, and the simplicity of sky/concrete/organic forms is appealing, to me at least. I stand in awe of what is before me, because at the same time I consider how we were once hunter/gatherers who wielded sticks and ate raw meat – no soy sauce in sight. That we had come, in a mere few thousand years, from that to this, to visualising and then creating advanced technological structures, is just awe-inspiring.

The bridge is the railway bridge near the South Free State village of Bethulie, and crosses the outflow from the Bethulie Dam.