Taoyuan City Confucian Temple I, II

Places of Worship

Taoyuan City Confucian Temple I, II

Taoyuan City Confucian Temple I. 2018.
Taoyuan City Confucian Temple II. 2018.

The Taoyuan Confucian Temple, located near the Hutoushan Park in Taoyuan City and was built in 1989. It’s an impressive building with its typical, bold and elaborate decorations and beautiful layout.

Religion in Taiwan is characterised by the preservation of the ancient Chinese culture. The majority of Taiwanese people practice a combination of Buddhism and Taoism, often with a Confucian worldview, collectively termed ‘Chinese folk religion’. Various Taoist deities are worshipped alongside deities with their origin in Buddhism – like Guanyin, for instance.

Statistically, Taoism makes up about 33% of the practiced religions in Taiwan.

The many temples across the country are a source of great inspiration and beauty. An air of serenity always prevails. This temple with its perfectly curated bonsais was one of the most impressive of the temples I visited.