Tianfeng Pagoda

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Tianfeng Pagoda

Tianfeng Pagoda. 2018.

Tianfeng Pagoda sits in the Taroko National Park on the east coast of Taiwan. It overlooks an impressive ravine of azure waters, and impossibly steep mountains. I arrived there on a small scooter late morning, as the sun was slowly reaching into all the creases of the mountains, caressing the treetops, but never reaching their feet.

Xhiangde Temple, the buddhist temple in the Taroko Gorge where this pagoda and white-robed Guanyin is situated, was built in 1968. The nearest settlement is Xiulin Township in the Hualien County, all accessible by train.

The contrasting colours and light of this scene made me stop in my tracks and go through the arduous process of parking my scooter, retrieving my camera from the bucket seat – I’ve not regretted it.

Guanyin is everywhere in Taiwan, and a serene presence indeed.