Toevlug I


Toevlug I

Toevlug I. 2021.

‘Toevlug’ is the Afrikaans word for ‘Refuge’, the state of being safe or sheltered from danger, pursuit or difficulty.

This piece of earth in the Karoo Highlands is as remote as it can be, quiet, peaceful, stretching into the distance way beyond what one’s mind can imagine. As far as the eye can see, there are only very modest structures of stone, the odd windpump, and miles and kilometers of expanse.

It truly is a place of refuge, not only physically, but a place of refuge for the mind. The latest of my 2021 work, this image is now available for direct purchase at three sizes: 420x594mm (A2), 594x841mm (A1) and 841x1189mm (A0). All the images on this website are available as small limited edition prints on cotton photo rag, stamped, numbered and signed by hand. Please enquire below.