Whimsical Night


Whimsical Night

Whimsical Night. 2014.

Fantastical whimsy, a fun and bold image offset by the black background.

Whimsical Night was created in the remotest parts of the Bushmanland in the Northern Cape of South Africa. A single exposure of about 50 minutes on a dark and moonless night, the blades of the iconic windpump were illuminated by a returning hunting party during the night. At the time I was convinced that their headlights ruined my photograph, but upon opening the image in Lightroom, I was elated to see the result.

Like so many times in photography and the creation of images, planning gets you so far, but it is the unplanned events that make for the outstanding images.

This image, to me, is a comment on the way in which we try to keep up with the Jones’s, on the frivolousness of the things we keep ourselves busy with on a day to day basis. When one stands under the night sky in these remote and isolated parts of the world, with the night sky above you, and when you realise the vastness of the void above, all things else fade away in comparison. Time and life will continue without us and our petty little problems.

Allow yourself to be lost in the whimsy of the moment from time to time on this big rock floating through space.