"The Earth is Art, The Photographer is only a Witness."

There is Still Time

A journey inward, a reflection on the times. 

With living trees set in a dreamy environment as the subject matter, this collection ponders mental health and the isolation and rumination brought on by a pandemic, a world brought to standstill. These living organisms are frozen, forever, and yet alive and thriving outside of our gaze. A comment on our ability to overweight the observation of the state of being, that which is ever evolving, ever changing, and can never be fully isolated to be inspected. 

The images want to remind us that there is time, time for isolation and introspection, time for growth, and that every season inevitably ends and is followed by another. It embraces wu wei in its core, and they encourage the viewer to allow their thoughts and emotions as they happen, to not resist, but to let the gales of the times guide them into their truest form.