Travel Photographer

Based in Prince Albert, Western Cape, South Africa

I’ve always been very fascinated with light and colour, particularly the scientific side of it – how it works and acts, and that something so technical can be used to created something beautiful. It’s what keeps me going. I could never get bored with the infinite possibilities from just three things: light, composition, and the choices I make.

My mild childhood interest in photography evolved into a fiery passion and by 2008 I was doing photography full time. In 2014 I completed a Travel Photojournalism course through MatadorU. I am also involved as co-admin of the Facebook community, and curator of the Instagram feed of SA Women Photographers, a unique movement founded by Grethe Rosseaux, empowering and giving voice to womxn in the South African photography industry. Another pet project of mine is The Lightroom Classroom, the aim of which is to provide online support and inspiration to users of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, specifically in, but not limited to, South Africa.


Fun Facts

  • I travel.
  • I’m slightly wild.
  • I love tea.
  • I hoard books – especially vintage travel journals found at flea markets.
  • I’m an experienced birder.
  • I care deeply about social and environmental issues.
  • I’m pedantic about straight lines.
  • I run a humble little portrait studio from my home in Prince Albert, and it’s a source of great happiness in my life.
  • When I’m home, I love to go for long runs/walks with my three kids: two rescue dogs and the Wildling.

The humble studio I run from my home is my happy place. The dogs celebrated with me after I finished painting it.

I’m very passionate about contributing to an improved society for future generations of earthlings.